BDK-GEVK: Bluetooth® Low Energy IoT Development Kit

The BDK-GEVK, featuring RSL10, industry's lowest power Bluetooth 5 SoC, serves as a baseboard for the Bluetooth IoT Development Kit (B-IDK). Daughter cards or shields compatible with B-IDK can be connected to the baseboard either via the PMOD connectors or the Arduino style connector. Multiple sensor and actuator daughter cards can be connected to the BDK-GEVK board to expand its functionality and enable the development of various IoT use cases.
Connecting higher power actuator daughter cards to BDK-GEVK will require the BDK-DCDC-GEVB board

Bluetooth IoT Development Kit CMSIS-Pack

The Bluetooth IoT Development Kit CMSIS-Pack includes several example application projects. These projects allow for rapid development of various Bluetooth Low Energy use-cases such as asset monitoring, asset tracking, wireless sensor networks, worker safety wearables, energy harvesting, etc. The application code can be used as-is on supported hardware or can be used as a building block in creating a more complex use case. Each of the projects is accompanied by detailed documentation.

Veridify Security's Public Key Tools* Implement device-to-device security including authentication and data protection software for the RSL10 using Veridify's ISO 26262 ASIL D certified security tools. *Note: An RSL10 Sensor Development Kit is required for evaluation.

For more information on the RSL10, visit the product page at the link below:
RSL10: Radio SoC, Bluetooth® 5 Certified

For more information on the BDK-DCDC-GEVB, visit the product page at the link below:
BDK-DCDC-GEVB: Power Adapter Board for higher power B-IDK actuator shields
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Bluetooth® Low Energy IoT Development Kit NCH-RSL10-101Q48-ABG
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