Ezairo ® 7160 SL Hybrid Demonstrator Board - Reflowed version


The Ezairo 7160 SL Hybrid Demonstrator Board is designed to easily develop high-performance hearing aids based on the Ezairo 7160 SL hybrid. The board features many configuration options available via standard 0.1" header pins, and an on-board J-Link debugger based on the Atmel ATSAM3U2CA-AU microcontroller. Using a USB cable, the on-board debugger is used to interface the RSL10 radio within the Ezairo 7160 SL hybrid with a PC for debugging, data collection, or monitoring purposes.

This version of the board is optimized for RF testing and characterization. The Ezairo 7160 SL hybrid is directly reflowed on the board, which minimizes the impedance between the onboard matching network and the Ezairo 7160 SL. Note: The E7160SL-001GEVB doesn't contain an Ezairo 7160 SL module, which are sampled separately. The E7160SL-002GEVB contains one hybrid module soldered onto the board.

  • On-board J-Link adaptor for debugging through a USB connection to the PC
  • Alternate on-board SWJ-DP (serial-wire and/or JTAG) interface for debugging the Arm ® Cortex-M3 processor
  • Access to all Ezairo 7160 SL peripherals via standard 0.1" headers
  • Onboard 4-bit level translator to translate the DIOs and debug interface at low voltage to a 3.3 V JTAG debugger
  • 4 Push Button Switches
  • On board 3.3 V Regulator
  • 3 LEDs
  • Test points and GND hooks for easy probing
  • Battery Holder
  • Current measuring header
  • Antenna matching and filtering network

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Ezairo ® 7160 SL Hybrid Demonstrator Board - Reflowed version

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Eval Board: Gerber

February 01, 2019

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