Motion SPM3/45H Evaluation Board


This motion Smart Power Module (SPM®) evaluation board is designed to evaluate Fairchild Semiconductor’s SPM3V2_V4 and SPM45H SPM families of parts. The motion SPM is installed as the motor power module on the evaluation board to drive a three-phase AC Induction Motor (ACIM), Brushless DC (BLDC) motor, Brushless AC (BLAC) motor, or Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM). A Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is integrated into the design, along with the necessary bulk capacitors and microcontroller (MCU) interface circuitry. This allows evaluation of Fairchild’s motion SPM products with a minimum investment of time, expense, and peripheral equipment. As this board is designed for a wide variety of motor types, not all included circuitry is required for all types of motors. Some motor types may require some additional circuitry be added, depending on the control algorithms being implemented.

By default, the FNB41560 (600 V/15 A SPM45H) is installed as the motor power module, as shown in Figure 9. It is possible to replace the provided SPM45H module with a part from the SPM3_V2 family (i.e. FSBB30CH60, 600 V/30 A) per Figure 10 or the SPM3_V4 family (i.e. FSBB30CH60C, 600 V/30 A) per Figure 11. Depending on the power level of the device, some additional discrete component value changes may be required. The most common reason to consider a SPM3V2_V4 device over the SPM45H family is to increase motor power level.

The evaluation board is designed to connect to either AC or DC power sources feeding current to the motor. There are three example test configurations in Section 3. The three-phase motor output terminals (U, V, W) from the SPM should be connected to the motor windings. Three bootstrap power supply circuits are designed into the evaluation board, one per phase. A bootstrap capacitor, charge resistor for charging the capacitor, and the blocking diode for high-voltage isolation make up each bootstrap supply. With SPM45H and SPM3_V4 modules, R50-55 and D5-7 are not required. These extra bootstrap positions are provided for compatibility with SPM3_V2 modules.

The microcontroller (MCU) or motion-controller development board connects to this SPM board via the provided connector. Six low-pass filters are used between the signal input connector and the gate input signal pins of the FNB41560. Short-circuit current protection is provided by a single shunt resistor, op amp, and low-pass filter. Additional circuitry is included to monitor bus voltage, inverter phase current, and module temperature. This evaluation board is designed to support a wide array of test conditions and requirements.

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Motion SPM3/45H Evaluation Board




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Eval Board: Manual

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