MicroRB-10020-MLP mounted on a pin adapter board


The Pin Adapter board (SMTPA) is a small PCB board that houses the SIPM sensor and has through-hole pins to allow its use with standard sockets or probe clips. This product is useful for those needing a quick way to evaluate the MLP-packaged sensor without the need for specialist surface-mount soldering. While this is a ‘quick fix’ suitable for many evaluations, it should be noted that the timing performance from this board will not be optimized and if the best possible timing performance is required, the MICRORB−SMA−100XX is recommended. The SMTPA circuit schematic is shown below. Please consult the Biasing and Readout Application Note for further information on biasing. The SMTPA board electrical schematics are available to download in the Board Reference Design document.

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MicroRB-10020-MLP mounted on a pin adapter board

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