NB3N1200KMNGEVB: Standard HCSL Output Evaluation Board

The NB3N1200KMNGEVB evaluation board has been developed with a PCB layout design to accommodate the NB3N1200K standard HCSL outputs. The board comes fully assembled, tested, and is ready to evaluate in the lab. This evaluation board is designed to provide a flexible and convenient platform to quickly evaluate, characterize and verify the operation of the NB3N1200K device. Further information can be found in the User's Manual.
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NB3N1200KMNGEVB Active
Standard HCSL Output Evaluation Board NB3N1200KMNTXG
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Eval Board: Manual NB3N1200K/NB3W1200L Evaluation Board User's Manual EVBUM2216/D - 792 KB  0 
Software NB3N1200KMNGEVB Software NB3N1200KMNGEVB_SOFTWARE - 11132 KB  1 

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