NVH820S75L4SPB-EVK: VE-Trac Direct EZ Kit

The VE-TracTM Direct Evaluation Kit consists of a single VE-Trac Direct power module (NVH820A75L4SPB) mounted in a cooling jacket, with a 6-ch Gate driver board and a DC Link capacitor. The kit does not include a PWM controller or external current sensors. The evaluation kit allows the customers to evaluate VE-Trac Direct power module performances in the early stage of inverter development. The kit can be used as a double pulse tester to measure key switching parameters or used as a 3-ph inverter for motor control.


  • Inverter evaluation Hardware kit for EV/HEV Traction Inverter applications (up to 150kW)
  • VE-Trac Direct power module with 820A, 750V Field stop 4 IGBT/Diode chipset and integrated direct cooling.
  • Automotive Isolated high current and high efficiency IGBT gate driver with internal galvanic isolation, NCD57000.
  • Film DC Link capacitor rated up to 500VDC, 500 uF.
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NVH820S75L4SPB-EVK Active
VE-Trac Direct EZ Kit NVH820S75L4SPB
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Video VE-Trac Innovative Traction Inverter Solution WVD17402/D   

VE-Trac Innovative Traction Inverter Solution
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