RSL10-USB001GEVK: RSL10 USB Dongle

The RSL10 USB Dongle enables rapid prototyping of peripherals for Bluetooth® Low Energy devices. Using the included Bluetooth® Low Energy Explorer software, engineers can develop, test, and evaluate Bluetooth-based applications quickly and easily.
Using a 2 Mbps connection, the RSL10 USB dongle acts as a generic central device during the development process and can be used to scan for available devices, establish connections, pair, bond, and list services and characteristics.


  • Certified to International Wireless Regulations
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy Explorer software
  • Bluetooth® 5 certified, single mode compliant (Bluetooth Low Energy
    • Supports Master and Slave Modes

    • Supports up to four connections
  • Radio performance
  • Diagnose Bluetooth® Low Energy connections during application development
    • Transmit power: +6dBm
    • Receiver sensitivity: -94dBm
  • Host interfaces
    • USB (virtual COM port emulation)
产品 状况 Compliance 简短说明 所用产品 行动
RSL10-USB001GEVK Active
RSL10 USB Dongle NCH-RSL10-101Q48-ABG NCH-RSL10-101S51-ACG
Avnet (2020-08-19) : 4
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Video 从无电池传感器到视觉:让物联网成真 - 2019年嵌入式展 WVD17294/DCN   
Video 与富时电子一起开箱RSL10传感器开发套件 WVD17317/DCN   
Eval Board: BOM RSL10-USB001GEVK Bill of Materials (ROHS Compliant) RSL10-USB001GEVK_BOM_ROHS - 232 KB  0 
Eval Board: Gerber RSL10-USB001GEVK Gerber Layout Files (Zip Format) RSL10-USB001GEVK_GERBER - 628 KB  0 
Eval Board: Schematic RSL10-USB001GEVK Schematic RSL10-USB001GEVK_SCHEMATIC - 6328 KB  0 

从无电池传感器到视觉:让物联网成真 - 2019年嵌入式展
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