Gate drivers plug-and-play ecosystem


SECO−GDBB−EVB is the baseboard for the gate driver plug-and-play ecosystem, which allows for the comparison of the dynamic performance and capabilities of different gate drivers and technologies, as for example NCP51705, FOD8334 or NCV57000. In addition, the suite facilitates the selection of an optimized gate resistance (Rg) for the end application. The SECO-GDBB-EVB can accommodate up to six different daughter-cards with gate drivers, feeding them with a common PWM control signal and providing equal working conditions for a reliable comparison between gate drivers. The switching frequency (10-200 kHz) and duty cycle are manually adjustable, fine-tuning and extended frequency range is possible through a BNC connector. Multiple test points are present across the board for voltage and current measurement.

  • Comparison of different gate drivers technologies
  • Facilitates selection of gate resistance
  • Industrial and Automative

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Gate drivers plug-and-play ecosystem


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