15 W SiC High-Voltage Auxiliary Power Supply for HEV & BEV Applications


SECO-HVDCDC1362-15W-GEVB is highly efficient andprimary-side regulated (PSR) auxiliary power supply targeting HEVand EV automotive power trains. The design provides a stable 15 Voutput and 15 W over a wide input DC voltage range from 250 V to900 V, and is therefore suitable for 400 V and 800 V battery systems.The board employs the NCV1362 quasi-resonant peak current PSRflyback controller, the 3-lead cost-optimized NVHL160N120SC1160 m 1200 V silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET, and theFFSD0665B-F085 SiC diode.

Thanks to the high blocking voltage capabilities and ultra-low gatecharge (34 nC) value of the SiC FET, the switching losses aresignificantly reduced, and the board exhibits a superior efficiency forthe application up to 86% in low line input conditions. The notabledriving capabilities of the NCV1362 controller allows for directoperation of the SiC FET at 12V without a pre-driver, simplifying thelayout and cutting down the component count.

The flyback transformer provides 4 kV isolation and is optimized tominimize the losses on the RCD snubber. Consequently the systemeffectively dampens the drain voltage overshoot at high line, andprovides 100 V margin for the SiC FET. The board is fully realizedwith automotive qualified semiconductors and passive devices.Industrial grade replacements are also available.

  • EV Charging and DC-DC Conversion
  • HEV & EV Vehicles Auxiliary Power Supplies
  • Automotive Powertrain Systems
  • Industrial DCDC Conversion, Solar Inverts (with Industrial grade)
  • NCV1362 (Automotive) / NCP1362 (Industrial) Quasi-resonant Peak Current PSR Flyback Controller
  • Fully Automotive Qualified Devices
  • Vin = 240 V - 900 V DC Only
  • Vout = 15 V / 15 W Continuous
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EN 55015 Limits)
  • High Efficiency up to 86%
  • SiC FET Directly Operated at 12 V by the IC
  • Excellent Thermal Performance

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15 W SiC High-Voltage Auxiliary Power Supply for HEV & BEV Applications


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