40 W SiC high-voltage auxiliary power supply for HEV & BEV applications


SECO-HVDCDC1362-40W-GEVB is highly efficient and primary-side regulated (PSR) auxiliary power supply targeting HEV and EV automotive power trains. The design provides a stable 15 V output and 40W over a wide input DC voltage range from 250V to 900V, and is therefore suitable for 400V and 800V battery systems.

The board employs the NCV1362 quasi-resonant peak current PSR flyback controller, the 3-lead cost-optimized NVHL160N120SC1 160mOhm 1200V silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET, and the FFSP0665B-F085 SiC diode.

Thanks to the high blocking voltage capabilities and ultra-low gate charge (34 nC) value of the SiC FET, the switching losses are significantly reduced, and the board exhibits a superior efficiency for the application up to 86% in low line input conditions. The notable driving capabilities of the NCV1362 controller allows for direct operation of the SiC FET at 12V without a pre-driver, simplifying the layout and cutting down the component count.

The flyback transformer provides 4 kV isolation and is optimized to minimize the losses on the RCD snubber. Consequently the system effectively dampens the drain voltage overshoot at high line, and provides 100V margin for the SiC FET. The board is fully realized with automotive qualified semiconductors and passive devices. Industrial grade replacements are also available.

  • EV charging and DC-DC conversion
  • HEV & EV vehicles auxiliary power supplies.
  • Automotive powertrain systems
  • Industrial DC-DC conversion, solar inverts (with industrial grade)
  • High efficiency up to 85.5%
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EN 55015 limits)
  • Fully automotive qualified devices
  • Vout = 15V / 40W continuous
  • NCV1362 (automotive) / NCP1362 (industrial) quasi-resonant peak current PSR flyback controller
  • Vin = 240V - 900V DC only
  • SiC FET directly operated at 12V by the IC
  • Excellent thermal performance

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40 W SiC high-voltage auxiliary power supply for HEV & BEV applications


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