4kW 650V Industrial Motor Control Power Board with Compact Intelligent Power Module (IPM)


The SECO-4KW-65SPM31-GEVB is a complete reference design for three-phase motor drives, part of the Motor Development Kit (MDK). The board features the NFAM5065L4B Intelligent Power Module in a DIP39 package and rated for 400 VDC input, delivering up to 4 kW of power. The board is fully compatible with the Universal Controller Board (UCB), based on the Xilinx® Zynq®-7000 SoC, which embeds FPGA logic and two ARM® Cortex-A9 processors. As such, the system is fit for high-end control strategies and enables operation of a variety of motor technologies (AC induction motor, PMSM, BLDC, etc...). The graphical user interface ensures an easy startup for evaluation purposes running voltage/frequency control. As part of the Motor Development Kit (MDK), the Compact IPM Motor Drive is compatible with the powerful Universal Controller Board (UCB), enabling high-end control strategies and AI capabilities for industrial motor control. The SECO-MDK-4KW-65SPM31-GEVK comprises of the SECO-MDK-4KW-65SPM31-GEVB and the Universal Controller Board (UCB).

  • White Goods
  • Industrial Fans
  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Motor Control
  • 4 kW motor control solution supplied up to 410 VDC
  • Downloadable V/f and FOC control use cases for the UCB
  • MDK FPGA-controller based on Xilinx® Zynq®-7000 SoC, including a dual 667 MHz CPU Cortex A9 core with freely configurable digital peripheral, 32 Mbyte Flash, up to 1 GB RAM, USB / UART / JTAG interface, on-board Ethernet phy, bootloader capability via micro SD card, 10 ADC channel, using NCD98011, and 12 complementary PWM channels, capable of delivering advanced networked motor and motion control systems
  • Highly integrated power module NFAM5065L4B containing an inverter power stage for a high voltage 3-phase inverter in a DIP39 package delivering
  • DC/DC converter producing auxiliary power supply 15 VDC - non-isolated buck converter using NCP1063, DC/DC converter producing auxiliary power supply 5 VDC - non-isolated buck converter using FAN8303, and LDO producing auxiliary power supply 3.3 VDC - using NCP718
  • Three-phase current measurement using 3 x NCS20166 operational amplifiers
  • Three-phase inverter voltage and DC-Link voltage measurement – using resistive voltage divider circuit
  • 512 kB EEPROM I2C – using CAT24C512
  • Encoder Interface compatible with either 3-HALL sensors 1 Channel Quadrature encoder
  • Temperature sensing via build in thermistor
  • Over current protection using NCS2250 comparator
  • Xilinx® development tools and environments are available for the MDK, such as Vitis and Vivado to program the FPGA
  • Motor Development Kit (MDK)

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4kW 650V Industrial Motor Control Power Board with Compact Intelligent Power Module (IPM)


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