SPSDEVK1-PET-GEVK: SPSDEVK1-PET-GEVK: Smart Passive Sensor Development Kit

The SPSDEVK is a comprehensive turnkey solution kit that enables rapid installation of Smart Passive SensorsTM for a variety of IoT applications. The kit is plug & play ready for users to immediately measure, aggregate, and analyze sensor data. Included in the SPSDEVK1-PET-GEVK:
  • UHF SPS Reader Hub - SPSPRDR1-8
  • UHF antenna - SPSPRDA2-P
  • 5 SPS Temperature tags - SPS1T001PET
  • 5 SPS Moisture Tags - SPS1M002PET
  • 5 SPS Fluid Level Tags - SPS1F001PET
  • 5 SPS Temperature tags - SPS2T001PET
  • 5 SPS Moisture Tags - SPS2M002PET
  • 5 SPS Fluid Level Tags - SPS2F001PET
  • 12V DC universal power supply
  • Ethernet cable
  • Antenna cable
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SPSDEVK1-PET-GEVK: Smart Passive Sensor Development Kit SPSPRDA2-P

Introduction to Smart Passive Sensors
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