The portfolio of GFCI Controllers from ON Semiconductor includes a variety of GFCI compliant devices. These devices detect hazardous current paths to ground and ground to neutral faults. If detected, the circuit interrupter disconnects the load from the line before harmful or lethal shocks occur. The ideal performance characteristics of the portfolio of GFCI controllers include low power consumption, high noise immunity, large surge margin, wide operating temperature range, high SCR drive current, and low Quiescent current. Some of the features offered by these devices include precision sense amplifier and bandgap reference, built-in AC rectifier, direct DC coupled to sense coil, built-in noise filter, low-voltage SCR disable, SCR gate driver, adjustable sensitivity and time delay, periodic functional testing and EOL testing, built-in noise filters and voltage regulator, among many others. These devices are compliant with UL943 GFCI and ALCI self-test requirements and are ideal for both 120 V and 220 V systems. Applications include building & home control, consumer appliances, and safety and control, personal care products, non-grounded neutral electrical outlets, circuit breakers, and power cords requiring ground fault safety features, ALCI and RCCB circuits, UL943 compliant GFCI products with self-test, GFCI receptacles, GFCI circuit breakers, Portable GFCI products, and ALCI power cords among other applications.
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