The family of serial SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) from ON Semiconductor includes several integrated memory devices internally organized as 128 K, 32 K, or 8 K words by 8 bits. ON Semiconductor designed and fabricated the devices using its advanced CMOS technology to provide high-speed performance and low power. The devices operate with a single chip select (CS) input and use a simple Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) protocol. In SPI mode, a single data-in (SI) and data-out (SO) line are used along with the clock (SCK) to access data within the device. In the 1 Mb SRAM devices, two multiplexed data-in/data-out (SIO0-SIO1) lines are used in DUAL mode, and four multiplexed data-in/data-out (SIO0-SIO3) lines are used with the clock to access the memory in QUAD mode. The ideal performance characteristics and features of the SRAM devices include very low standby current, very low operating current, flexible operating modes, built-in write protection (CS High), high reliability (unlimited write cycles), and simple serial interface memory control. They operate over a wide temperature range of -40°C to 85°C and are available in several standard package offerings. Applications include Smart Meter, Cardiac Monitoring Device, Video Processing, Event Recorder, Alarm System, Automobile MP3 Interface, Medical Monitoring Device, Game Controller, IP Camera Buffer, Battery Charger, Laser Receiver System, GPS Offender Tracking, Programmable Logic Controller, and IP Radio among others.
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