KAC-12040-CB-A-GEVK: KAC-12040 Evaluation Kit (Color)

The KAC-12040-CB-A-GEVK evaluation kit enables evaluation of the KAC-12040 image sensor, a high-speed 12 MP CMOS image sensor in a 4/3" optical format based on a 4.7 µm 5T CMOS platform.

This kit includes required hardware components to perform a full evaluation of this device, including the color image sensor, evaluation board, and accessories. Note that a lens is not included in the kit. Sensor Studio II software (available below) is also required for operation of the evaluation kit, and includes operating manuals and timing information as part of the help system in that software.
产品 状况 Compliance 简短说明 所用产品 行动
KAC-12040-CB-A-GEVK Active
KAC-12040 Evaluation Kit (Color) KAC-12040-CBA-JD-BA
类型 文档标题 文档编号/大小 修订号
Software Sensor Studio II Software 64-bit (Zip Format) - 97861 KB Locked  6.14.9 

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