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Power Supply Web Designer




Inductive Drive for LCD Backlighting

To enable circuits to drive up to five white LEDs with the most space-efficient design, the NCP5010 LED Driver from ON Semiconductor provides 500 mW of output power, in a tiny 1.7 mm x 1.7 mm board footprint. Optimized for use with small inductors and capacitors, and with integrated rectification, over-voltage protection, and short-circuit protection, the NCP5010 enables LED drive circuits with fewer external components than ever before – minimizing the bill-of-materials and enhancing the overall reliability of the handset.

The device uses true-cutoff circuitry to disconnect the load from the battery when the handset is put into standby mode, reducing the current demand on the battery.

Charge Pump Drive for Backlighting

The NCP5612 Dual-Channel White LED Driver was designed for LCD display backlighting. The device supports lighted icons on the handset that are controllable through a programmable dimming feature. The device is programmed through a single-wire serial link protocol.

Based on a highly efficient charge pump structure, the NCP5612’s built-in dc-dc converter provides peak efficiency of 87%. To maintain consistent brightness in the end product, this LED driver delivers 1% output current tolerance, and 0.2% matching tolerance.

LED Drivers for Interior Lighting

Using LEDs in automotive lighting applications, delivers faster turn-on time, higher reliability and resistance to shock and vibration, and lower heat dissipation and power consumption, compared to incandescent bulbs.

Circuits using LEDs require a constant current flow, to maintain consistent brightness. Pulse-width-modulation to control dimming features is also frequently desired in today's market. Standard LED driver components can meet these needs in cost-effective, small form factors.

ON Semiconductor's NUD4001 LED driver maintains a constant current up to 350 mA, delivering improved accuracy, with the use of a single active component. The device tolerates input voltages up to 60 V, and maintains a constant light output during battery drain. Dimming features in lighting subsystems can be easily implemented by modulating a control signal.

ON Semiconductor is developing additional LED drivers that deliver constant currents of up to 2 A. In addition, ON offers switching regulators which can also control LED circuits.

For dome lights and other interior lights, tail lights, and directional lights using LEDs as the light source, ON Semiconductor's LED driver components deliver constant brightness and dimming control, with standard components that can reduce parts count and increase reliability.