John Medalen

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John Medalen - Senior Software Engineering Management

May 28, 2024

8:00AM PDT

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DevWareX, The Top Choice for Image Sensor Software

Duration: 45 minutes

Language: English

Attendance: Online

Event Description

The development stage in your design is crucial for a successful outcome. onsemi provides a versatile and powerful tool known as DevWareX which can make the development process shorter and more efficient. This tool allows you to program your onsemi image sensor, display and evaluate images, along with running Python scripts to capture and save images.

Key Takeaways

Learn the basic operation of using DevWareX

Learn the basic usage of ApBase

DevWareX supports both automotive and Industrial sensors

Learn more about DevWareX and its many associated applications here.

Download the Quick Starter Guide here.

About the Speaker

John Medalen


John Medalen

Senior Software Engineering Management

With over forty years of Software Development and Management experience John has worked in both established and start-up companies in Silicon-Valley. He is currently working at onsemi, under the Image Sensor Group, where he manages the demonstration software and tools group. Along with establishing and managing various processes for the development and delivery of image sensor settings.

John started his career at Tandem Computers as a Software Developer. From there he moved on to various companies in both Software Development and System Test, and then on to management of both disciplines.