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Revision Date
Advantages of eFuses Versus PTC Resettable Fuses AND9513/D (278kB) 2 Oct, 2017
Assembly Guidelines for MicroFET-6 Packaging AN-9047CN A
Current Limits in Electronic Fuses using Direct and Kelvin R Limit Connections AND9441/D (244kB) 1 Jan, 2018
Design with MOSFET Load Switch AN-1030CN A
Enable Pin Operation and Functions of eFuses AND9175/D (74kB) 1 Jan, 2017
FPF200X Evaluation Module AN-7008CN A
FPF2100/7 Evaluation Board Users Guide AN-7012CN A
Hot-Plug Insertion Startup Time Delay for eFuse AND9672/D (105kB) 0 Dec, 2017
Integrated Slew Rate Controlled Switch Optimizing 1V Core in Mobile Systems AN-8020CN A
NIS5112 Hot Plug Evaluation Board Manual AND8259/D (30.0kB) 0
NIS5112 Transient Performance AND8283/D (234.0kB) 0
NIS5132/5 Demo Board AND8343/D (142.0kB) 0
PCB Land Pattern Design and Surface Mount Guidelines for MicroFET™ Packages AN-7525CN A
Paralleling eFuses AND9623/D (249kB) 0
Reliable USB Modem Design Using the Combination of an Integrated Load Switch and a Buck Converter AN-8019CN A
Simplifying Portable Power Management and Protection Circuit Design Using the FPF200X Integrated Switch Product Family AN-7007CN A
The Importance of Compensation Capactors on the eFuse Power Line AND9101/D (261.0kB) 0
The Load Switch: Application Notes on Selection and Use of ecoSWITCH™ Products AND9848/D (516kB) 0 Jan, 2019
The Smallest Integrated Slew Rate Switch for Peripheral Load Management in Smart Phones and Tablet PCs AN-9748CN A
Understanding Analog Video Signal Clamps, Bias, DC-Restore, and AC or DC Coupling Methods AN-6024CN A
Understanding eFuse Input Voltage Transients from Hot Plug Events AND90059/D (431kB) 0 Aug, 2020
WLCSP Assembly Guidelines AN-9045CN A
eFuse Load Current Management AND9685/D (138kB) 1 Apr, 2019
eFuse Reverse Voltage Protection AND8350/D (140.0kB) 0
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