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Applications of Non Zero Crossing Triac Drivers Featuring the MOC3011 AN-3003CN A
Control Solution using Logic, Analog Switches, and Discrete Semiconductor Devices for Reversing a One-Phase Motor AND8056/D (276.0kB) 1
Designing Crystal Oscillators with Modern CMOS Gates AND8053/D (20.0kB) 3
Logic Level Translation, A Simple Approach. AND8101/D (23.0kB) 0
Optocoupler Input Drive Circuits AN-3001CN A
Portability and Ultra Low Power TinyLogic® AN-5055CN A
TinyLogic® MicroPak2™ Package Applications Guide AN-8030CN A
Ultra-Low Voltage MiniGate™ Devices Solve 1.2 V Interface Problem AND8139/D (22.0kB) 0
Unique One Gates Make Voltage Bilateral Level Translation Simple AND8096/D (18.0kB) 0
Unique and Novel Uses For ON Semiconductor's New One-Gate Family AND8018/D (56.0kB) 1
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