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2-Channel Brush Motor Driver LB1836M/D (71.0kB) 0
2-Channel Constant-Current H-bridge Driver LV8080LP/D (87.0kB) 0
2-Channel Forward/Reverse Motor Driver LV8405V/D (89.0kB) 1
2-Channel Forward/Reverse Motor Driver LV8406T/D (91.0kB) 1
2-Channel H-Bridge Constant Current Driver LB1940T/D (248kB) 2
2-Phase Stepper Motor Driver ENA2317/D (487kB) 0 Mar, 2014
2-Phase Stepper Motor Driver ENA2316/D (479kB) 0 Mar, 2014
2-ch H-bridge Stepping Motor Driver IC ENA2014/D (167.0kB) 0
2-phase Stepper Motor Driver ENA2270/D (841kB) 0 Jan, 2014
2-phase Stepper Motor Driver ENA2272/D (841kB) 0 Jan, 2014
2-phase Stepper Motor Driver ENA2274/D (867kB) 0 Jan, 2014
2-phase Stepping Motor Driver ENA2248/D (854kB) 1 Jan, 2014
2-phase Stepping Motor Driver ENA2249/D (910kB) 1 Jan, 2014
2-phase Stepping Motor Driver ENA2252/D (600kB) 1 Dec, 2013
2ch Forward/Reverse Motor Driver LV8402GP/D (116.0kB) 1
2ch Forward/Reverse Motor Driver IC ENA1888/D (67.0kB) 0
4-Channel Stepper Motor Driver LV8411GR/D (105.0kB) 1
6-channel Motor Driver IC for Digital Still Camera ENA0438/D (372kB) 1 Dec, 2013
Auto Focus (AF) Controller LC898219XI/D (263kB) P0 Aug, 2017
Auto Focus (AF) Controller & Driver LC898217XH/D (238kB) 0 Apr, 2017
Auto Focus (AF) Controller & Driver LC898217XC/D (213kB) 1 Nov, 2016
Datasheet Micro-Stepping Stepper Motor Bridge Controller AMIS-30421/D (580.0kB) 0 Oct, 2011
Drive Controller, Iris/Zoom/Focus, and Day-Night Switch ENA2319/D (562kB) 1 Aug, 2014
Dual H-bridge Motor Driver ENA2254/D (473kB) 1
Dual Stepper Motor Driver with Ultra-small Micro Steps LV8714TA/D (1182kB) 2 Nov, 2014
Forward/Reverse Drive Stepping Motor Driver IC ENA2060/D (166.0kB) 0
High Efficient Stepper Motor Controller LC898240/D (436kB) P1
I2C Micro-Stepping Motor Driver AMIS-30622/D (519.0kB) 5 Jul, 2013
I2C Micro-stepping Motor Driver AMIS-30624/D (590.0kB) 5 Sep, 2009
LIN Microstepping Motor Driver AMIS-30623/D (669.0kB) 7
Low Voltage, Low Saturation, Bidirectional Motor Driver LB1936V/D (183.0kB) 0
Low-Voltage/Low Saturation Voltage Type Bidirectional Motor Driver ENA2036/D (132.0kB) 2
Low-saturation 2-Channel Bidirectional Motor Driver IC LB1838M/D (76.0kB) 0
Micro-Stepping Motor Driver AMIS-30543/D (521kB) 3 Apr, 2019
Micro-Stepping Motor Driver AMIS-30532/D (442kB) 3 Nov, 2019
Micro-Stepping Motor Driver AMIS-30542/D (485.0kB) 1
Micro-Stepping Motor Driver AMIS30522/D (336.0kB) 1 Apr, 2019
Micro-Stepping Stepper Motor Bridge Controller AMIS-30422/D (480.0kB) 0 Mar, 2013
Micro-stepping Motor Driver NCV70627/D (553kB) 3 Apr, 2021
Micro-stepping Motor Driver NCV70517/D (281kB) 0 Dec, 2018
Micro-stepping Motor Driver NCV70516/D (330kB) 1 Jun, 2018
Micro-stepping Motor Driver NCV70628/D (508kB) 0 Dec, 2017
Micro-stepping Motor Driver AMIS-30521/D (314kB) 3 Apr, 2019
Micro-stepping Motor Driver NCV70514/D (384kB) 6 Jan, 2021
Microstepping Motor Driver AMIS30512/D (414.0kB) 1 Sep, 2008
Microstepping Motor Driver AMIS-30621/D (634.0kB) 4
Motor Driver, Constant Voltage/Current, H-Bridge, 2-Channel LB1939T/D (232kB) 0 Dec, 2013
Motor Driver, Forward/Reverse, Low Saturation Voltage Drive, 12V LB1948MC/D (280kB) 1 Aug, 2016
Motor Driver, Forward/Reverse, Low Saturation Voltage, 12V LV8548MC/D (451kB) 4 Aug, 2015
Motor Driver, H-Bridge x 2-Channel, for DSC and Phone Camera LV8413GP/D (99.0kB) 1
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