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Document Title
Document ID/Size
Revision Date
Miniature Reflective Object Sensor QRE1113/D (192kB) 7 Feb, 2020
Passive Infrared (PIR) Detector Controller NCS36000/D (141kB) 3 Dec, 2015
Plastic Infrared Light Emitting Diode QED223/D (648kB) 3 Oct, 2017
Plastic Infrared Light Emitting Diode QED234/D (234kB) 3 Oct, 2017
Plastic Silicon Infrared Phototransistor QSD123/D (246kB) 2 Oct, 2017
Plastic Silicon Photodiode QSD2030/D (302kB) 2 Nov, 2018
QEB363CN-D.pdf QEB363CN/D (630kB) A
QEB373CN-D.pdf QEB373CN/D (373kB) A
QED123CN-D.pdf QED123CN/D (296kB) A
QEE113CN-D.pdf QEE113CN/D (291kB) A
QEE123CN-D.pdf QEE123CN/D (297kB) A
QSB363CN-D.pdf QSB363CN/D (419kB) A
QSD2030FCN-D.pdf QSD2030FCN/D (492kB) A
QSE114CN-D.pdf QSE114CN/D (297kB) A
QSE122CN-D.pdf QSE122CN/D (298kB) A
QSE133CN-D.pdf QSE133CN/D (298kB) A
QSE159CN-D.pdf QSE159CN/D (369kB) A
QSE257CN-D.pdf QSE257CN/D (1257kB) A
QTLP610CPDCN-D.pdf QTLP610CPDCN/D (2194kB) A
Reflective Object Sensor QRD1114/D (614kB) 3 Oct, 2019
Sidelooker Pin Photodiode QSE773/D (663kB) 2 Oct, 2017
Surface-Mount Silicon Pin Photodiode QSB34/D (619kB) 9 Oct, 2017
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