数据表 用于  小信号开关二极管 (显示所有)

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1N3064CN-D.pdf 1N3064CN/D (166kB) A
1N3070CN-D.pdf 1N3070CN/D (144kB) A
1N3595CN-D.pdf 1N3595CN/D (152kB) A
1N4149CN-D.pdf 1N4149CN/D (145kB) A
1N4447CN-D.pdf 1N4447CN/D (208kB) A
1N456ACN-D.pdf 1N456ACN/D (145kB) A
1N457ACN-D.pdf 1N457ACN/D (178kB) A
1N458ACN-D.pdf 1N458ACN/D (145kB) A
1N483BCN-D.pdf 1N483BCN/D (143kB) A
1N485BCN-D.pdf 1N485BCN/D (178kB) A
1N5282CN-D.pdf 1N5282CN/D (199kB) A
1N914BWT-D.pdf 1N914BWT/D (292kB) A
250V High Voltage Switching Diode BAS21M3/D (91kB) 1 Mar, 2014
BAS116T Switching Diode BAS116TT1/D (83.0kB) 1 Sep, 2011
BAS16SLCN-D.pdf BAS16SLCN/D (221kB) A
BAS19CN-D.pdf BAS19CN/D (327kB) A
BAS20CN-D.pdf BAS20CN/D (275kB) A
BAS21CN-D.pdf BAS21CN/D (329kB) A
BAS29CN-D.pdf BAS29CN/D (173kB) A
BAS35CN-D.pdf BAS35CN/D (147kB) A
BAV102CN-D.pdf BAV102CN/D (240kB) A
BAV23SCN-D.pdf BAV23SCN/D (320kB) A
BAW56T / BAV70T / BAV99T - Fast Switching Diode BAW56TCN/D (314kB) A
BAW62CN-D.pdf BAW62CN/D (145kB) A
BAW76CN-D.pdf BAW76CN/D (145kB) A
BAX16CN-D.pdf BAX16CN/D (538kB) A
BAY72CN-D.pdf BAY72CN/D (181kB) A
BAY73CN-D.pdf BAY73CN/D (144kB) A
Common Anode Dual Switching Diode DAP222/D (62kB) 6 Oct, 2017
Common Anode Dual Switching Diode M1MA141WAT1/D (126.0kB) 10 Nov, 2011
Common Anode Dual Switching Diode M1MA151WAT1/D (91.0kB) 10 Jul, 2012
Common Anode Quad Array Switching Diode NSDEMP11XV6T1/D (51.0kB) 3 May, 2006
Common Anode Silicon Dual Switching Diode DAP222M3/D (45.0kB) 5 Apr, 2021
Common Cathode Dual Switching Diode M1MA141WKT1/D (127.0kB) 9 Nov, 2011
Common Cathode Dual Switching Diodes M1MA151WKT1/D (55kB) 12 May, 2015
Common Cathode Monolithic Dual Switching Diode BAV70DXV6T1/D (56kB) 6
Common Cathode Silicon Dual Switching Diode DAN222/D (92.0kB) 7 Sep, 2013
Common Cathode Silicon Dual Switching Diode DAN222M3/D (88.0kB) 6 Jan, 2013
Common Cathode Switching Diode NSDEMN11DXV6T1/D (54.0kB) 2 May, 2006
Dual Common Anode Switching Diode BAW56LT1/D (88kB) 10 Oct, 2016
Dual RF Schottky Diode NSR15ADXV6T1/D (39.0kB) 3 Jun, 2004
Dual RF Schottky Diode NSR15DW1/D (55.0kB) 2
Dual RF Schottky Diode NSR15SDW1T1/D (55.0kB) 3 May, 2006
Dual Schottky Barrier Diodes MBD110DWT1/D (103.0kB) 8 Sep, 2012
Dual Series High-Voltage Switching Diode, 250V BAS21SLT1/D (93kB) 7 Oct, 2016
Dual Series Switching Diode BAV199LT1/D (79kB) 10 Oct, 2016
Dual Series Switching Diode BAV99LT1/D (75kB) 12 Oct, 2016
Dual Switching Diode BAS16DXV6/D (61kB) 5 Aug, 2015
Dual Switching Diode MMBD7000LT1/D (56kB) 8 Jun, 2017
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