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AX-IDE Development Tools for Windows, includes RadioLab and AXCodeBlocks IDE Locked   AX-IDE Development Tools for Windows (375337kB) 1.27 Feb, 2021
AX-ParamCalc (Windows installer) AX-ParamCalc (Windows installer) (15437kB) 0
AX5043/AX5243, AX5045, AXM0F243, and AX8052F143 Documentation Pack   AX5043/AX5243, AXM0Fxxx, and AX8052F1xx Documentation Pack (11381kB) 1.27 Feb, 2021
AX5051-AXGen2-RadioLab (Windows Installer) Locked AX5051-AXGen2-RadioLab (Windows Installer) (10306kB) 0
AX8052-IDE Software Package (Binary RPMs for Fedora 16 x86_64) AX8052-IDE Software Package (Binary RPMs for Fedora 16 x86_64) (58514kB) 1.17 Aug, 2016
AX8052-IDE Software Package (Source RPMs under GNU Public License) AX8052-IDE Software Package (Source RPMs under GNU Public License) (18845kB) 1.17 Aug, 2016
NCS36510 802.15.4 Demo application SDK - HW support + freeRTOS + MAC and PHY layer Locked 802.15.4 Demo application SDK (101214kB) 1.0.0
NCS36510 ARM mbed Thread end node demo - IAR required Locked NCS36510 ARM mbed Thread demo (152095kB) 1.0.0
NCS36510 ZigBee3 Software Development Kit - IAR Compiler Required Locked NCS36510 ZigBee3 SDK (64682kB) 3.0.0 Mar, 2020
ON Semiconductor IDE Installer Locked   ON Semiconductor IDE Installer (620383kB) 4 Mar, 2021
RSL10 Bluetooth Mesh Package Locked RSL10 Bluetooth Mesh Package (10737kB) 2 Dec, 2019
RSL10 Documentation Package   RSL10 Documentation Package (39179kB) 5 Mar, 2021
RSL10 Getting Started Guide   RSL10 Getting Started Guide (4373kB) 3 Mar, 2021
RSL10 LPDSP32 Software Package RSL10 LPDSP32 Software Package (10201kB) 1 Sep, 2019
RSL10 Software Package Locked   RSL10 Software Package (38600kB) 6 Mar, 2021
RSL10 Software Utility Apps Locked   RSL10 Software Utility Apps (9858kB) 5 Mar, 2021
RSL10 USB Dongle BLE Explorer Locked   RSL10 USB Dongle BLE Explorer (23767kB) 4 Mar, 2021
SDCC Compiler Sources (Under GNU Public License) SDCC Compiler Sources (Under GNU Public License) (17572kB) 3.6.0 Jul, 2016
Sigfox RCZ1 Library for AX-SFEU-API SoC and DVK-SFEU Locked AX-SFEU-API Library (1725kB) 1.1.1d Jun, 2018
Sigfox RCZ1 Library for AX-SIP-SFEU-API SiP and DVK-SIP-SFEU-x-GEVK Locked AX-SIP-SFEU-API Library (2223kB) 0
Sigfox RCZ2 Library for AX-SFUS-API SoC and DVK-SFUS Locked AX-SFUS-API Library (1620kB) 0 Apr, 2017
Sigfox RCZ3 Library for AX-SFJK-API SoC and DVK-SFJK Locked AX-SFJK-API Library (1692kB) 1 Apr, 2017
Sigfox RCZ4 Library for AX-SFAZ-API SoC and DVK-SFAZ Locked AX-SFAZ-API Library (1692kB) 1 Apr, 2017
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