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AD2-功率小于75 W的适配器 TND355CN/D (578.5kB) 0
ADAP2 - QR Adapter Design TND377/D (573.0kB) 0
用于开关应用的ATPAK封装功率MOSFET TND6106/DCN
Achieving High Power Density Designs TND325/D (643.0kB) 0
汽车电源应用和能效概览 WVD17112/DCN
DDR and VTT Termination Regulators WVD17123/D
F2S - 改进型双开关正激转换器应用 TND378CN/D (934.2kB) 0
FB1 - DC-DC Converters Feedback and Control TND352/D (658.0kB) 0
FB2 - The TL431 in Switching Power Supplies TND381/D (581.0kB) 0
HB - 半桥驱动器¿基于变压器的方案,还是全硅片驱动方案? TND379CN/D (774.8kB) 0
High-Density Ac-Dc Power Supplies using Active-Clamp Flyback TND6280/D (4805kB) 0
MAG - Magnetics in Switched-Mode Power Supplies TND350/D (859.0kB) 1
MOF - Multi-Output Flyback Off-Line Power Supply TND351/D (234.0kB) 0
NCP1399电流模式谐振控制器 WVD17113/DCN
OVR - 高能效方案概览 TND357CN/D (1635.3kB) 1
PFC1 - 先进的功率因数校正 TND344CN/D (1078.7kB) 0
PFC2 - 补偿功率因数校正(PFC)段 TND382CN/D (580.0kB) 0
Power Factor Correction Optimization Options TND6281/D (4824kB) 0
QR - Analysis and Design of Quasi-Resonant Converters TND348/D (512.0kB) 0
SIM - Simulating Power Supplies with SPICE TND349/D (810.0kB) 0
SMPS Overview TND342/D (12781.0kB) 0
SMPS Topologies TND343/D (13198.0kB) 0
智能电表 - 电源管理及电力线通信 WVD17004/DCN
智能电表概览 WVD17003/DCN
Standby Power Reduction Techniques TND324/D (339.0kB) 1
The Quest for Power Density Tutorial TND6249/D (5090kB) 1
iPFC - 交错式功率因数控制器 TND380CN/D (822.6kB) 0
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