The Strata Developer Studio is a cloud-connected development software to provide a seamless, personalized and secure environment for engineers to evaluate, test, and design with onsemi technologies with the numerous released and upcoming Strata enabled evaluation boards, evaluation kits, and reference designs in various applications within Automotive, Industrial, Cloud Power and IoT solutions.


  • Ability to measure, test and control many different design parameters for fast, simple and customized evaluation experience
  • Complete design collateral such as, schematics, layouts, block diagrams, user guides, test reports, data sheets, and much more in one place
  • Automatic over-the-air updates to ensure Strata Developer Studio has the most up to date materials and features all the time
  • Out of the box experience to provide an ultimate user-friendly experience
  • Various filters are available in Strata Developer Studio to provide the user an ease of search to find the right solution for them in one click


Strata Enabled Hardware Solutions


Highlights RSL10 industry’s lowest power Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Mesh platform and Battery-Free Zigbee® Green Power Kit.

DC-DC Controllers, Converters, & Regulators

Covers numerous DC-DC controllers, converters, and regulators to provide power management solutions for systems like, infotainment, ADAS, telecom, servers etc.

LDO Regulators & Linear Voltage Regulators

Offers Evaluation Boards/Evaluation Kits for ON Semiconductor’s broad portfolio of high PSRR, low noise, and low dropout regulators.

Motor Drivers

2-Channel H-Bridge Motor Driver to evaluate and control DC brushed motor and stepper motor input telemetry, variable PWM frequency, direction, duty ratio, etc.

USB Type-C

To evaluate USB Type-C and Power Delivery (PD) solutions in applications like consumer electronics, computing, automotive infotainment and charging systems.

LED Drivers

Consists of LED drivers and LED power solutions kits to provide evaluation and control for applications like industrial and automotive lighting, consumer lighting, RGB color mixing, and dashboard applications.

AC-DC Controllers & Regulators

Provides an easy to use environment for 100W AC-DC Active Clamp Flyback PWM Controller Converter.

Battery Management

Features Smart LiB Gauge Automatic Support Kit to simulate RSOC using the cell voltage curve and optimum battery parameters.


Evaluation kit for 16 input touch and proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, local and remote temperature sensor to monitor telemetry such as gain, threshold settings, etc.

Load Switches

Provides an evaluation environment for ecoSWITCH load to control the switch and monitor telemetry such as input/output voltage or current, temperature, etc.

Isolation & Protection Devices

Provides an easy to use eFuse evaluation kits to monitor input/output voltage or current, temperature, and circuit protection features.

Amplifiers & Comparators

Current Sense evaluation environment for 0 - 26V and 0 - 30A applications to measure and control current sense readings, interrupt statuses, on-board load settings.

Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC)

12-bit SAR ADC evaluation to provide dynamic performance metrics for different clock speeds, supply voltages, etc.

Standard Logic

Multi-function Logic Gate evaluation board to evaluate input switches while monitoring the output of two individual logic gates, etc.

Strata Upcoming Hardware Solutions

Strata NCP1034 100V Buck

The Strata NCP1034 100V Buck Converter offers a programmable output voltage from 5 - 24V for 60 - 100V input voltage applications.

Strata New Released Videos

Strata-Enabled Automotive Tail Lights LED Driver Evaluation Board

The Strata-Enabled Automotive LED Taillights Evaluation Board Kit offers an easy to use...

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Strata-Enabled Optimal Motor Drive for 12V System Products

The LV8548MC is a 2-channel low saturation voltage forward/reverse motor driver IC.

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Unboxing the RSL10 Mesh Platform

I have here the RSL10 Mesh Platform which is a versatile and easily configurable development kit that enables Bluetooth® Low Energy...

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