斯巴鲁(Subaru)和安森美半导体合作,变革车辆安全性。 斯巴鲁采用我们最新的传感器技术开发拯救生命的系统,如EyeSight®和DriverFocus™。 借助合适的工具,斯巴鲁正在改变道路规则。 那么,我们将一起做什么




深入了解斯巴鲁(Subaru) 的Eyesight 驾驶员辅助平台的开发

人们对EyeSight系统兴趣斐然的是斯巴鲁和安森美半导体® 如 何紧密合作开发该方案。在垂直整合的行业中,这是不寻常的。从 层次上讲,是按层级安排的。通常,汽车制造商将主要与一线供应 商合作,而一线供应商则与二线供应商合作,依此类推。安森美半 导体向一线和二线制造商供货

Subaru Selects ON Semiconductor Image Sensing Technology for its New-Generation EyeSight® Driver Assist Platform

ON Semiconductor and SUBARU redefine leading-edge ADAS capability with new machine vision algorithms and sensing technology

ON Semiconductor's image sensors continue to provide the eyes for the new generation of Subaru's advanced EyeSight® driver assist system

This time last year, we published an update about how ON Semiconductor's CMOS sensors were enabling Subaru's EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, and now we're back to present the next chapter in this exciting area. EyeSight is an advanced driver assist system, or ADAS. By now, many drivers are familiar with the concept of ADAS, but it's worth noting that, just like vehicles, ADAS takes various forms, each with its own feature-set. The ADAS features offered by in vehicles from different manufacturers are likely to be similar, but the way they implement the ADAS varies. This variation really comes down to delivering the user experience that the OEM is aiming to provide.

ON Semiconductor Ships 100 Million Image Sensors for Camera-based ADAS Systems in Support of Customers like SUBARU

ON Semiconductor and SUBARU continue their collaboration on the EyeSight Driver Assistance System with a shared vision of improving road safety

ON Semiconductor ADAS Technology Enables ‘Eyes’ for SUBARU’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology

A few years ago, you could have been forgiven for thinking that vehicles with the ability to ‘see’ the road ahead and assist the driver in critical conditions were nothing more than science fiction. However, recent and ongoing developments in automotive technology mean new vehicles are more likely to have some ability to detect their environment and take direct action contributing to improved road, passenger and pedestrian safety.



CMOS Image Sensor, 2.3 MP, 1/2.7"

The AR0231AT is a 1/2.7-inch CMOS digital image sensor with an active-pixel array of 1928Hx1208V. It includes LED Flicker Mitigation (LFM) that eliminates high frequency LED flicker from traffic signs and vehicle LED lighting and allows Traffic Sign Reading algorithms to operate in all light conditions. The AR0231AT uses the latest 3.0 micron Back Side Illuminated (BSI) pixel with ON Semiconductor’s DR-Pix™ technology, which offers dual conversion gain for improved performance under all lighting conditions. It captures images in linear, HDR or LFM modes, and offers frame-to-frame context switching between modes. The AR0231AT also includes features that support ASIL B.


CMOS Image Sensor, 1.2 MP, 1/3", Global Shutter"

This 1/3-inch format, 1.2 MP imaging device has been designed to address the challenging requirements of automotive in-cabin cameras. The new global shutter sensor allows the camera to “freeze” fast moving scene data, and ensures effective synchronization with pulsed light sources. The AR0135 sensor incorporates a new innovative global shutter pixel design, with 10X lower dark current and 4X higher shutter efficiency vs. previous generation products. These improvements allow the sensor to produce clear, low-noise images, in both low-light and bright scenes, and in high temperature environments. This performance enables the required eye tracking and gesture detection functionality in next generation automotive in-cabin systems.


CMOS Image Sensor, 1.2 MP, 1/3"

ON Semiconductor's AR0132AT 1/3-inch CMOS digital image sensor with an active-pixel array of 1280H x 960V. It captures images in either linear or high dynamic range modes, with a rolling-shutter readout. It includes sophisticated camera functions such as auto exposure control, windowing, and both video and single frame modes. It is designed for both low light and high dynamic range scene performance. It is programmable through a simple two-wire serial interface. The AR0132AT produces extraordinarily clear, sharp digital pictures, and its ability to capture both continuous video and single frames makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications, including surveillance and HD video. This sensor is compatible with ON Semiconductor's automotive image co-processors which provides megapixel HDR image processing.

Application Note

Chip Supply Voltage Monitor Limits

This application note provided details of how the chip supply voltage monitor limits were established for the AR0220AT, AR0231AT and AR0138AT. This document includes the suggested limits, and the analysis used to arrive at those limits.

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