onsemi Celebrates Pride Month

由  onsemi 发布  - 06-07-2022 

 In honor of the Stonewall Uprising, millions around the world celebrate Pride Month each June. onsemi is proud to join the celebration and support our LGBTQ+ employees and recognize that all people share both close similarities and distinct differences. We have unique gender identities, expressions, and sexual orientations— at our core, we all have one thing in common: we are human. onsemi believes in providing an inclusive workplace where all employees are free and encouraged to be themselves. We advocate for those who are—and who support—LGBTQ+ people in our company, our families, and our communities. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion is a primary focus at onsemi. Continua, onsemi’s LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group (ERG), was founded in 2020 with just a few members located at the company headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Today, membership has grown to include employees at our sites around the globe, including the Philippines, Ireland and Hong Kong. 

Continua has recently taken on several key initiatives as we continue to increase awareness within our organization and throughout our communities.The ERG has partnered with onsemi’s Giving Now programto raise funds for LGBTQ+ organizations worldwide. Employees who donate to a cause supporting the LGBTQ+ community can choose to contribute to the following causes: 

  • Egale Canada 
  • Forbidden Colours 
  • Humsafar Trust 
  • LGBT Ireland 
  • Minus18 Foundation 
  • Nijiro Diversity 
  • one•n•ten 
  • Rainbow Migration 
  • Rainbow Railroad 
  • Solidarity and Action Against the HIV Infection in India (SAATHII) 
  • SPACES Counseling and Community Ltd. 
  • Stonewall Equality Ltd. 
  • Terrence Higgins Trust 
  • The Pinnacle Foundation 
  • The Trevor Project 

Continua also worked with the onsemi marketing and communications department on two key initiatives:  

  • New email signature block thatallows employees to include their gender pronouns.  
  • Digital Pride backgrounds for virtual meetings. 

Adding gender pronouns minimizes misgendering and helps create a more diverse and inclusive work environment.The digital backgrounds bring awareness to the LGBTQ+ community and allowcommunity members and their allies to show their Pride and support during virtual meetings. 

Pride @ onsemi 

Continua is offering several opportunities for our LGBTQ+ employees and allies to participate in Pride events both virtually and inperson at our sites worldwide. We are hosting Continua Connect virtual meetings to bring members from around the world together. We are also hosting focus groups to engage with employees in which they will be able to ask questions and provide feedback about LGBTQ+ inclusion at onsemi. 

Unfortunately, anti-LGBTQ+ laws in some parts of the world prohibit onsemi and Continua from hosting Pride events at some of our sites. While we are not able to provide our employees with the same activities there, we particularly want to recognize our LGBTQ+ employees and their allies at those sites and want them to know we stand with them because they deserve to be accepted, supported, and loved. 

What does PRIDE+ stand for at onsemi?​ 

  • People: The passion and energy of the LGBTQ+ community members within our company drive our innovation.​ 
  • Resilience: Continua, our LGBTQ+ employee resource group, and its members have fought for the rights, recognition and celebration of the LGBTQ+ community both inside and outside of our walls.​ 
  • Information: We recognize Pride not only by taking time to celebrate our employees, but by sharing knowledge of the struggles, resilience and innovation of LGBTQ+ individuals throughout history.​ 
  • Diversity: We take this time to recognize the continua of individuals that make up our company and their unique life experiences.​ 
  • Expression: We firmly believe in bringing your whole self to work as you are. In heels or sneakers, with purple hair or natural curls, covered in tattoos or clean-cut, self-expression is at the heart of our employees.​ 
  • Pride is more than a month: Pride is June plus every other day of the year. At onsemi, we renew our commitment to our LGBTQ+ employees every day.​ 

onsemi values our LGBTQ+ employees and their allies and is proud of the work being done by Continua. We invite you to join onsemi in celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride this month and every month to help build a more inclusive world. 

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